SSLUG October 2012

Although it was a rainy day so many attendees were there to participate SQL Server Universe Monthly User Group Meeting. At the beginning Dinesh’s TV interview was on the screen until the meeting begins. And then we had 3 sessions one on Data migration to Dynamics, one on execution plan myths, and last one was about Paging Results in SQL Server.


If you never knew about SQLServerUniverse User Group Meeting Please go to the site and follow on twitter, linkedin and facebook. Don’t forget to register on the site. Usually it happens on 3rd Wednesday on every month.

Three Speeketeers


Aug 15

Before two weeks I saw a post about lightning talks of SQLServerUniverse. So I applied for a lighting talk about “PowerPivot in SQL Server”. Then the A/L exam came to me. So I had no time to create a presentation for that. Hence the day before the physics exam I searched on the internet for “PowerPivot Slides”. Then I found few slide shows from SlideShare. Then I copied few slides from them and created a Presentation for my lightning.

Then I forwarded them to Gogula. When I went to that place and when I saw the IT Pro’s I felt nervous. My lightning was in my mind. Most of them were not in slides. So when my turn comes I forgot all the things I had to tell. So I designed my lighting from the begining while I did it.

Somehow It was the coolest day in August for me.

Thank you Gogula and all ….!!!