Live Writer and T-SQL

Today I wanted to paste few statements on Live Writer which were coded on SQL Server Management Studio 2012. But when I paste the code into Live Writer I got disappointed about the look. Codes were awesome on SMSS 2012 with colors. Then I wanted to find a way to insert those code with Visual Studio formatting. I found few plugins but they were not cool. Then I found this blog.

He had found a nice plugin. I downloaded that and Installed that. Now I use that It is cool plugin. No windows just a plugin.

Here’s the link for that plugin. Enjoy Blogging!!!


Can you remove my ads??

Oh, I was in blogger. I hate ads at all. But I purchased my domain from WordPress. That is all I can do. WordPress is asking for $30 from me to remove ads. I don’t like ads. But unfortunately now My Debit card doesn’t have $30.

I’m doing this blog for not to have a profit. It’s my pleasure to share the things I know and feeling I have. But if it includes ugly ads I can’t bear it. I hope to have self hosting WordPress again. But the community support on WordPress cannot be described. It is very easy to share blogs and other stuffs. Usually I blog about tech stuffs. I have a idea to upload few video tutorials on YouTube about computer programming languages like thenewboston in Sinhala(My language).  I want to thanks Bucky for that idea. But I sent him a email. Still he didn’t reply me.

Blogging is a sacred thing for me. It is more than everything in my life.