Aug 15

Before two weeks I saw a post about lightning talks of SQLServerUniverse. So I applied for a lighting talk about “PowerPivot in SQL Server”. Then the A/L exam came to me. So I had no time to create a presentation for that. Hence the day before the physics exam I searched on the internet for “PowerPivot Slides”. Then I found few slide shows from SlideShare. Then I copied few slides from them and created a Presentation for my lightning.

Then I forwarded them to Gogula. When I went to that place and when I saw the IT Pro’s I felt nervous. My lightning was in my mind. Most of them were not in slides. So when my turn comes I forgot all the things I had to tell. So I designed my lighting from the begining while I did it.

Somehow It was the coolest day in August for me.

Thank you Gogula and all ….!!!