How to take list of databases in SQL Server

In SQLCMD and Powershell I wanted to take the list of databases. In MySQL “show databases” command was there. But in SQLCMD I was unable to find such a command.

--Stored Procedure EXEC sp_databases



--SELECT Statement SELECT Name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases


You can use above commands in SSMS (if you are lazy to move your mouse to object explorer) and SQLCMD. Also you can use same thing on PowerShell too.

--Stored Procedure
Invoke-SQLCMD "EXEC sp_databases"

--SELECT Statement
Invoke-SQLCMD "SELECT Name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases"

But in SQLPS you can go to your SQL Server instance’s database and just type “dir”.


SA Account

As I read after installing SQL Server on a System it is a best practice to disable SA account. Then I asked from our architect, and one of prod DBAs. Then I got to know Yes it is a good practice if you disable SA Account, because it is a well known account. And also we can rename that account then there is no point to disable it.

Somehow finally I got to know that nobody should you SA account.