Blogger new Sharing Link

I wrote a post about Google+ and Blogger. After switching my blog into Google+ I saw a sharing link on each published blog post.

Sharing is easy now with this link. I was really fed up with copying and pasting my blog links on my Google+ profile. Now it’s easy. And few days ago I wrote a blog post in Sinhalese which says the interface of blogger is not completely new. But now it is having new features. Googlers are modifying it.

They have updated ugly profile now I’m very happy to see that.


Blogger Profile and Google+ profile is connected now

I wrote a blog post about Google is going to be a one service. Today when I log in to my blogger account. It suggested me to switch my google+ account to the blogger account.

At first I thought it is a new feature. But It was not a new feature. Today it suggested me to do so. However that previous blogger profile was very ugly to me personally. Google + profile is better. Somehow after few years we can write blogs, send email and subscribe friends from one web page including searching web and watching youtube. That web page would be It would save more bandwidth too. Analytics and every other service will be accessible from one page.

Will the Google merge GMail, Docs, Blogger to Google+

I heard that GMail contacts and Google+ is integrated together. It is a sign that Google is going to be a one site.

Sooner Google will merge Google+ messages and Gmail. Sometimes it may not happen. But now Gmail chat and Google+ chat are same. Contacts are also same. We know that facebook integrated messaging system with chat.

After few years Google will be a one service which satisfy our all needs. You will not need to go to Gmail or docs or google+ or search. It would be a one site.

Now we should go back. We should develop programs which consume little bit memory. We should design websites which can be accessed from dial-up. It is time to go back. Future should be more faster and easier. Everything should be tiny.

How to get new Google Bar

You know that Google told few days ago about a new Interface.
If you want to try it please follow the instruction.

  1. Use you web browser and visit to
  2. then get developer console
    • For Chrome Ctrl-Shift-j
    • For Firefox Ctrl-Shift-k
  3. and then paste this code and hit enter.

document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds; path=/;";window.location.reload();

 Now you can see new Google Bar.

But if we need to shift to another service it doesn’t open another tab. Actually I like it. And it doesn’t make surfing easier. But somehow this Google bar is better that previous black bar. This also use same sharing window with different appearance. From those new interface Google hopes to optimize the performance of server.

Google on People

Google never says that we are invading you. But Google wants to be your life. However sooner Google will provide every basic service to the world. No one thought that Google will begin e-Money service like wallet when we are using GMail in 2006.

Google hopes to be our life. Their is not problem with it. I am almost complete Google user when I’m using Internet. I use Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Google Docs and bla bla. What will happen if they limit services. No one can force them. All of us know that they will not limit any service because of competition. But Yahoo or any other major companies should not give up in this. Otherwise Google will own whole services. DropBox should be used. Yahoo mail should be used.

But I have to appreciate google impact on our life. I am a blogger to day because of Google. I have a site because of Google. I’m using online analytic service because of Google. Google made easy our life. Sharing made easy with Google+. Google Calender is easily synchronized with your mobile calender.

Whole internet should be a one site. And should be same. and easy to use. Now whole world is one village. Now It should be smaller that appear.