Blogger Profile and Google+ profile is connected now

I wrote a blog post about Google is going to be a one service. Today when I log in to my blogger account. It suggested me to switch my google+ account to the blogger account.

At first I thought it is a new feature. But It was not a new feature. Today it suggested me to do so. However that previous blogger profile was very ugly to me personally. Google + profile is better. Somehow after few years we can write blogs, send email and subscribe friends from one web page including searching web and watching youtube. That web page would be It would save more bandwidth too. Analytics and every other service will be accessible from one page.


Will the Google merge GMail, Docs, Blogger to Google+

I heard that GMail contacts and Google+ is integrated together. It is a sign that Google is going to be a one site.

Sooner Google will merge Google+ messages and Gmail. Sometimes it may not happen. But now Gmail chat and Google+ chat are same. Contacts are also same. We know that facebook integrated messaging system with chat.

After few years Google will be a one service which satisfy our all needs. You will not need to go to Gmail or docs or google+ or search. It would be a one site.

Now we should go back. We should develop programs which consume little bit memory. We should design websites which can be accessed from dial-up. It is time to go back. Future should be more faster and easier. Everything should be tiny.

Are you fed up with Outlook Express

As usual most of us are using web based email such as Yahoo, G mail or Hotmail. Almost no one use a email client software like Outlook Express or Outlook. Every time we click on email link it opens Outlook and tell us to configure out email.

If you are using FireFox we can say bye to our email client software.

Get options dialog box from Firefox Tools->Options for Windows xp.

Other wise Firefox->Options->Options

Then Click on Applicatio tab.

Then find mailto. You can see drop down box infront of it. Change it to Use Gmail or Use Yahoo. If you are not using Gmail or yahoo you can configure you web based email client.

So Good luck!!!