Live Writer and T-SQL

Today I wanted to paste few statements on Live Writer which were coded on SQL Server Management Studio 2012. But when I paste the code into Live Writer I got disappointed about the look. Codes were awesome on SMSS 2012 with colors. Then I wanted to find a way to insert those code with Visual Studio formatting. I found few plugins but they were not cool. Then I found this blog.

He had found a nice plugin. I downloaded that and Installed that. Now I use that It is cool plugin. No windows just a plugin.

Here’s the link for that plugin. Enjoy Blogging!!!


Can you remove my ads??

Oh, I was in blogger. I hate ads at all. But I purchased my domain from WordPress. That is all I can do. WordPress is asking for $30 from me to remove ads. I don’t like ads. But unfortunately now My Debit card doesn’t have $30.

I’m doing this blog for not to have a profit. It’s my pleasure to share the things I know and feeling I have. But if it includes ugly ads I can’t bear it. I hope to have self hosting WordPress again. But the community support on WordPress cannot be described. It is very easy to share blogs and other stuffs. Usually I blog about tech stuffs. I have a idea to upload few video tutorials on YouTube about computer programming languages like thenewboston in Sinhala(My language).  I want to thanks Bucky for that idea. But I sent him a email. Still he didn’t reply me.

Blogging is a sacred thing for me. It is more than everything in my life.

Sombody tried to hack my blog

Before two days my blog was hosted by Blogger.  Somebody had reported my blog and disabled it. Then he used my custom domain. I was shocked when I saw my blog is hacked. But fortunately I had a backup of all blog posts. I reported to the Google blogger team. Then after two days they replied me. Also they gave my blog back to me. But I know Blogger is not a safer place for me anymore. I have to thank the Mr. Hacker for guiding me to secure blog hosting service.

When I tried to set up my custom domain I felt that method is not good. Blogger didn’t confirm that is mine. Anybody else can use my domain for blogger before I mount it. However I’m back!!!

4.5 Years on blogger

I’m using blogger from May of 2007. Today I reverted to my blogger profile to confirm that. I lost my lot of blog posts. I had so many hobbies. Most of them are not with me today. Most of them are given up by me. Computer stuffs are the remainings. Blogging is in the top of them. I don’t like writing. I don’t have language skills. But I like blogging. I love blogging.

I would be much obliged to you if you can correct me when I’m wrong. If you can suggest me ideas.

Thank you.