Do you know?

Life is not always as you wish!

This was my slogan before year. But now I got realized that this slogan is true. I never thought that 5 Minutes can change my interest. But I do believe now. 5 Minutes can change anyone’s destiny. I never thought I would be a network administrator. When I was a child I always dreamed about being a programmer, not even a software engineer. But my first job made me a network administrator. Then five minutes change is going to make me a Database Administrator. Half of my life I spent with computers. As a 7 year child I dreamed to have a computer which was very expensive and my parents were not able to think about it even. Then I had no chance to touch a computer even I get 10 years old. Then I had a chance to work with computers while I’m following a certificate course in computer in local institute. Then I got a computer in grade 6. Then my journey began. I spent a lot of time with computers without internet until 2007. Now I have spent a decade with computers. I love Microsoft Products a lot. Any Microsoft Technology can tease me easily. I had a hobby to learn SharePoint. And SharePoint was a nice thing to me.

Currently I learn SQL Server things. And I don’t know what’s going to happen next.


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