Easy way to analyse results

I have seen in many video tutorials they have different tabs for Editor, Results, Messages and Execution Plans. And they are streched over complete screen. Most of the times need to resize the result area to see our results. Actually its annoying me. Then I noticed in on of Paul Randal’s video he uses Separate tabs for Results editor and messages in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Then I wanted to find how to get those tabs to my SSMS (Often I call it SMSS don’t know why Winking smile).

1. Open you SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

2. Go to Tools –> Option

3. Check “Display results in a separate tab” and “Switch to results tab after the query executes” both.


4. Click ok and enjoy Results like this.


If you don’t like to use it always you can use this option to single script by click on Query option on tool bar and follow 3rd step.



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