Numbers and Computers

Number and computers are inseparable. When I’m having my lectures on Computer Systems I’m learning so many things about computers. Numbers are already familiar with me. Number systems are also same. But computer knows nothing. He can’t do anything except adding. I didn’t even know how computers are poor on calculations. They works with numbers but they don’t know they are working with numbers.

I thought he had marvelous methods to subtract ,  to multiply, blah… When we dive into a computer He is nothing. Computer knows nothing. Computers are dumb. But computer is a thing I love a lot. Numbers and computers are inseparable. Computers are calculators hence numbers never leave him alone.

Dedunu and Computers are also inseparable again.


12 thoughts on “Numbers and Computers

  1. What I meant was I need a a friend/business partner who has that background. I’m not trying to learn CS. But if it’s easy as you say I would do it. I got this idea for a Social Network site and I’m trying to bring it to life. Only problem is I’m unable to determine will I need someone with that background or not. If I don’t I can just do it by myself.

      • I’m not trying to actually learn CS myself. I need to know first whether I will even need someone with a computer science background. I THINK I will. Because it will be a website. Know I will need servers. The idea is similar to Twitter.

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