4.5 Years on blogger

I’m using blogger from May of 2007. Today I reverted to my blogger profile to confirm that. I lost my lot of blog posts. I had so many hobbies. Most of them are not with me today. Most of them are given up by me. Computer stuffs are the remainings. Blogging is in the top of them. I don’t like writing. I don’t have language skills. But I like blogging. I love blogging.

I would be much obliged to you if you can correct me when I’m wrong. If you can suggest me ideas.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “4.5 Years on blogger

  1. Wow! Almost 5 years, hmm? I’m still a rookie at blogging. Only been at it a few months. Suggest ideas? I’ll just say be creative. Separate your blog from the blog world. Confuse people and get ’em confused. Give ’em a reason to not only come back but share your site. Be creative and original and entertaining as possible.

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