Knowledge Not anymore

I have studied about knowledge for few months. Actually I got knowledge about knowledge. First of all I have to thank the authors of few books and columns. But I’ll not name them here.

Knowledge can make this world better place. Also knowledge can destroy this world too. But the knowledge must be only for good of human beings although it is not. However knowledge is incomplete feeling. As humans we know our feelings are limited and our knowledge is a thing which is combined with out feelings. In this case feelings are very complicated. And people who are creating knowledge are having new feelings. And their sense is broad. Every human being creates knowledge.

Knowledge should be shared. But that sharing must limited. Knowledge is a weapon against anything including good and bad. It should be shared with disciplined people who can manage this knowledge against the bad. Some fighting arts shouldn’t be taught to every one. May be they are misused if we do so.

But no one should destroy knowledge.

Destroying knowledge is destroying humanity

I have heard this from somewhere and I can remember the place. It’s absolutely correct. Knowledge raises crimes sometimes. Eager to have knowledge may cause crimes. Nowadays knowledge is part of business. It is not the correct place for it. Knowledge is not only to achieve economical purposes.

Please find what is the knowledge is if you don’t know what is it.


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