Arsenic and Agriculture

RCKD is a vast problem to our country. And we must find the reason, then we can arrange necessary solutions. But Kelaniya University had already found the reason for RCKD. Although they had found the reason and the solution for it, so called scientist don’t like to accept it. They have so many problems. Problem about Kelaniya university laboratory equipment is one of them. And Prof. Nalin de Silva told that equipment which recognize Arsenic is repaired before few months ago.


I personally believe about “Devivaru”. Because I have a experience in my life which relates to “Devivaru”. I already had met people who communicate with invisible living creatures. We can get knowledge through them. Kelaniya Team also asked for the reason for RCKD from “Samyak Drushtika Devivaru”. And they got to know that Arsenic and hard water causes RCKD. And they tried to proof that Rajarata water owns Arsenic. But It was not easy. After few months they found a method to find arsenic from hard water. Then they expressed their opinions and conclusion about RCKD.

They wanted to emphasize that Arsenic is not in Sri Lankan Natural soil and using pesticides will mix Arsenic to the water. But some people wanted to highlight that rice also includes Arsenic. And they created new topic. It was “Panpiti Thrashthawadaya”. Kelaniya Team wants to stop using pesticides in Sri Lanka. They also have a solution for that, it is “Hela Govikama”.


We must beware of pesticides. We must stop so called scientific farming and move to our traditional farming.

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